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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Technique: Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex #8 Contest Entry

I have never went this in-depth with Illustrator before...and although I love the outcome of the technique...oh my gosh I wanted to die.


So I found out about this Scott Pilgrim Contest going on on deviantART a little late…The “Momma’s Boy” hit me in the face with inspiration so I got it together and got lots of opinions to help me out and made adjustment after adjustment until I arrived at these designs. I hope you all enjoy and I am sorry if the explanation is long-I get too involved in writing sometimes.

Character(s) Introduction:
Ok, I think most everyone has encountered one of these sad saps they can relate to. That poor sap whose parent (sometimes parents) is keeping their hopes, dreams, and goals alive through them while making their life a marriage of hell and unachievable perfection. Meet Maxwell Von-Elbridge. No wait. Meet his mother, Ms. Annabelle Von-Elbridge, because she is basically all there is to poor Maxwell.

How did these 3- errr-2 meet?
A couple days after breaking up with Gideon, Ramona returned home to her parent’s house for advice. Instead she got something completely unexpected. Ramona’s parents had had little to no say in the matter of who Ramona chose to date over the years, but after news of Ramona dumping a 7th no good ex, her parent’s fear of the next loser Ramona would bring home made them feel compelled to do something. And so Mrs. Flowers set Ramona up on a blind date with the son of the her friend, a prestigious owner of the local country club. Although, completely hesitant and uninterested in this blind date nonsense, she gave in to her mother’s proposal in an attempt to get her mind off Gideon.

The Date…
…was a nightmare. Not only did Ramona feel completely out of her element in a country club, her poor date Maxwell barely said two words and instead clumsily fumbled silverware all evening. While for but one moment his mother, Ms. Annabelle Von-Elbridge, who accompanied the awkward pair refused to leave the two alone. Her aristocratic lips were like lightning as she snapped out one direct question after another, trying to break down Ramona’s past and future life plans. She spoke ever-so highly of her son; his handsome physique, his intelligence, how he had just started graduate school at Wimbledum University of Sophisticated Science (Better known as W.U.S.S., and located next to Vegan Academy). It was just ever so unfortunate to Ramona that outside of Ms. Von-Elbridge’s perfection-fogged glasses sat a pathetic, sickly looking young man whose nervous legs and shifty eyes told her he could possibly snap at any second. At one point, Ms. Von-Elbridge left the table for a split second to yell at a waiter who had brought her the wrong brand of long smokes she heavily relied on to live, which left Ramona with a moment to figure out Maxwell’s personality if possible.

Ramona: do you like graduate school?
Maxwell: M-mother says it’ll be good for m-me.
Ramona: Ah, I see…well what kind of things do you like to do when your not at school and studying or whatever?
Maxwell: …Well u-uh…Mother said I looked like I’d be a good s-swimmer, rugby player, and fencer so I do all t-three. K-keeps me p-pretty busy. A-and when I’m not at s-school, mother lets me t-tend her garden.
Ramona: (frowns)…What’s your favorite color?
Maxwell: Mother s-says I look b-best in-
Ramona: Seriously dude?

Ramona could tell this guy was wrapped around mommy’s pinky finger and that she was in big trouble if she continued to date the both of them.

So after that date she went home and packed up her stuff and fled to Canada to escape everything and we all know good and well what followed.

Next Meeting-
What no one knows is the 8th evil ex’s mother refused to let him be a part of the League of Evil (which Maxwell was thankful for because of his allergies to anything physically distressing) because of his graduate school studies. Following the League’s defeat, Christmas Break arrived for Maxwell in which he was forced by his mother to go have a showdown with Scott.
His approach was not swift or even tactful as he stalked Ramona and Scott from Scott‘s house to the mall. It took three puffs from his inhaler to get the courage to squeak out his challenge to Scott in the local music store. Scott automatically went into battle mode causing Maxwell to nearly have a panic attack. Maxwell, realizing that Scott was ready to seriously injure him, quickly whipped out his phone and speed dialed his mother. Suddenly, with a crack like thunder, the Southern Belle appeared before the Scott with he son attempting to cower behind her.

Ms. Von-Elbridge: You thought you could escape us Ramona darlin’?
Ramona: (groans) Oh, so the “real” ex is here now…
Scott: What? You dated a mom?!
Ramona: It’s more of a… Freudian thing.
Ramona: Nevermind.

The Battle- Summon: Mother Dearest
Ms. Von-Elbridge, being the forceful woman that she is, has gained the power to will anything to happen as long as it aids in helping Maxwell. Like a witch or fairy godmother, she uses her walking cane as a wand to generate her power. Any object is at her disposal to use against Scott. She is cunning and cruel in her attacks, and because Maxwell never speaks up for himself, she is able to justify any course of action in the battle.

8th Evil Ex Defeat-
Ramona persuades Maxwell to give up his mother’s weakness which turns out to be…”Your Momma” jokes. Not just any “Your Momma” jokes though; the jokes have to be true. It takes a few tries, but finally Scott delivers two jokes that are true and weaken Ms. Von-Elbridge. The final one is delivered by none other then Maxwell himself (who whispers it to Scott to actually deliver it), who (somewhat) gains the courage to stand up to his mother when he finally realizes his life has never been his own. Ms. Von-Elbridge bursts into a million coins, thus freeing the feeble son. Ramona and Scott give Maxwell bus change to return home and start a dominatrix mother-free life. Or so we hope (what really does happen to those people when they turn to coins???)...