Friday, October 4, 2013

Nationwide Items September-October 2013

Double update!

So I take no claim that these are original or exiting...BUT. These are a couple of the things I currently am doing for Nationwide Insurance. They are pretty strict about branding and such, but I do what I must. :)

Postcard to pass out at career fairs.

Bottom: Signature Graphic and t-shirt design for the internal Enterprise Architecture group. I literally only had hours to make both. @__@

The Littlest Pet Shop Designs-Scottie and Owl

Finally I can add a few more Hasbro related designs to my gallery! So the Scottish terrier was a rough sketch passed along to me that I got to explore further and develop a new hairstyle for as well as create the final illustration and character turnaround. I really loved working on this one. :)

The owl was a complete redesign that I did from scratch, starting with character exploration (I did a ton) and then final character illustration/pose and turn around. Apparently they ended up going with the sketch pose in the end though. I did not come up with the color palette though...

I now officially own both of these toys thanks to the wonder that is ebay! :)