Friday, April 5, 2013

Hasbro: The Littlest Pet Shop Paper Goods

Found that the paper goods (cookie tray/cook book/invitation) I did for The Littlest Pet Shop: Push and Play Series made it out on the shelves! The final colors are a little different, but at the time I created these the color scheme was not planned out! Just wanted to share some process work that I did for this project. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Smaller Company Projects

So here are a few logo designs I did for some local companies. One was for SKEWETT Inc.,a mulitmedia and recording studio company, and was a sub-section logo for their fans called SKEWETT Nation. They really wanted a logo that had a "3d" visual look to it. On the left are a bunch of the illustrator sketches that I did which eventually led me to the final logo on the right.

The second logo was done for a realtor company called The Real Law Group. The customer was looking for a logo to give an adequate visual for her company since it was constantly confused with being an attorneys firm. You can see I did a variety of illustrator sketches to give her visual suggestions of different directions her logo could go, but in the end, she just wanted the simple logo in the bottom right.