Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whale-elephants Look Like Gonzo and This Man is Incomplete...

So I'm really working on how I work digitally...playing around in Photoshop with layers,transparency, and opacity.
This is just the bust of a full body I'm still working on slowly. There are lots of details that are not solid enough yet, I know.
Critique would be lovely!

So this is the main male character, Zanxabar Beltroy, in a story I'm planning out for my Senior class next semester. No details to give anyone yet, but his throat contraption is a device I'm still tweaking (and will probably go through like 20000 changes) that was a hack n' slash job to replace his voice box.

More details when I get a more solid story!

Program used: Photoxhop 7.0

Time Taken so Far: Like 8-9 hours (pathetic...but I'm sick so I keep stopping)

Yeah, this creature doesn't really have a name yet.
It's a creature NOT for my picnic monsters idea,but for another project I'm doing with a friend. He said he wanted a whale/elephant creature so this is my first idea. I will admit I got the nose idea from the elephant seal-reminds me of Gonzo from Muppets,haha! I chose a blue whale to combine with an asian elephant.
Just a rough concept with some rough texture; we'll see where this goes!

Media: All digital using Photoshop 7.0
Time: 3 hours

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