Monday, December 13, 2010

Fat Baby and the Owls

Sooooo I'm working on the prelim sculpt for my friend's animation (check it out here now! --> )
He does some amazing work and I'm happy to do some physical models for him! OH YES, and the sculpt is sitting on a Chrismas box-SO EXCITED THAT IT'S ALMOST TIME!
And then the bottom image is of the owls I've sewn and I am currently selling in Adore: Bloomsbury Loft where I work.

I am finishing up Senior semester 1 at CCAD and then I get to work more freely on new projects! YEY.


  1. Gooo fat baby! This is awesome work, I love the baby and the owls!!

  2. <333333333 FatBaby for the win! Tho those owls are giving him a run for his money on adorableness :3